The Exo Project

On a future, dying Earth, seventeen-year-old Matthew has a choice: live out his days on a doomed planet or leave his family forever to join the Exo Project and journey one hundred years into space to find a new home for humankind.

One hundred light-years away, a teenage girl named Kiva is preparing to lead her people. But she is troubled by a vision of a ship hurtling through space, bringing a strange boy who seems to see her, too.

When they finally meet, Matthew and Kiva discover an emotional connection that neither expected, a connection both powerful and dangerous. Now each must make an impossible decision: Stay loyal to the bonds that tie them together, but risk the loss of their communities. Or protect their own worlds at all costs—even at the expense of each other.

The Exo Project will be on-sale 4/4/2017. Pre-order now!